Silver star High School Cross Country Camp:

August 30 - September 2, 2017

Located at the Silver Star Mountain outside of Vernon, BC, this 3 night cross country camp will kick off the 2017 high school cross country season.  

Come spend a weekend exploring the trails, sprinting up mountains and sweating up the gym. Come learn about what you can do this year to be a faster, fitter, stronger runner. Come have fun – meet new friends, try new things, and learn new things.  Come eat, sleep, run, and have fun.   And since we can't run all day / every day, there will be plenty of time to hike, play disc golf, summer tubing, and other team building activities.  Its kind of like summer camp but with people who don't think you are crazy because you like to run a lot.  

Drop off at 2 pm on Wednesday August 30th, and pick up at Noon on Saturday, September 2nd.  For athletes traveling from out of town, airport transfers can be arranged. For more information, please contact Malindi on the contact page.  Sanctioned by BC Athletics and Okanagan Athletics Club. 

Silver Star Cross Country Camp: Registration

Located at Silver Star Mountain, this 3 night camp will kick off the high school cross country season.  In addition to training, we will cover topics related to improving as a runner, with tips on sport psychology, race tactics, goal setting, and training effectively.  Inclusive of meals, accommodations, activities and coaching. $330.  Full payment and register must be received July 30th. All athletes must be registered with BC Athletics. To register, please click the following link and to pay please send an e-transfer to malindi{@}trainracerepeat{.}com.  Note: don't use brackets - they are to help minimize spam!