I offer private coaching services for goal-oriented runners to be faster.  I help you maximize your efforts to be the best you can be by incorporating all the important elements of training into your program: workouts, recovery sessions, strength, mental skills, race strategies, etc.

I believe the foundation of coaching is trust and communication and I work hard to have a relationship with each athlete I coach.  As such, I limit the number of athletes I work with at a given time to be able to provide personalized training and responsive communication.  I believe that a runner achieves his/her best results when the training is designed specifically to his/her weaknesses, goals, background and schedule.  I am also very cognizant of the demands on time and energy in most people's lives and try to maximize efficiency in training.  I enjoy working with athletes from around the world - if you have access to email/internet/skype then we are ready to start.

I specialize in working with master track athletes and high school athletes looking to improve their running.  I believe in the "Long Term Athlete Development" model which takes into consideration different life stages of an athlete, for example, training for a 16 year old is very different than for a 20 year old.  At the same time, training for a 50 year old is also different than training for a 20 year old! 

 As one of my athletes, you will receive a weekly training program via the an online calendar and app (, as well as regular correspondence via email, text, skype and phone calls.   My services are provided as part of the Run SMART Project. Click here or  contact me for more information.

Okanagan Athletics Club

For Okanagan based athletes, I encourage you to look into the Okanagan Athletics Club.  This full service track group has a middle distance/distance crew of approximately 20 athletes and we are always happy to welcome new members.