Tomica Cudina after a 24 minute marathon personal best: "A good race result made me happy and very motivated for the future trainings. In this way I´d like to thank you Malindi for the support during the preparations. You were able to make the necessary adjustments in my training program in some critical phases and prepare me to the top of my current potential. All of this makes me wonder what the future will bring, as I see now I have come to the point I have never imagined I could get."

Neil Braganza after dropping 33 seconds in the 2 mile and 8 seconds in the mile: "Working with Malindi has been an amazing experience. For being an online coach thousands of miles away I feel like she understands me, how I adapt workouts, and how far I can push myself. I truly don’t think my successes and being able to run at a collegiate level with Yale would have been possible without her."

Brandon Strong's mother after he ran 4:15 in the mile: "We have been pleased with Malindi and the goal was for Brandon to workout using her coaching abilities and get a scholarship for college. it was a success!! He was being recruited by four SEC schools and several other smaller colleges. He will be attending Ole Miss in the fall and is so excited! Thank you for making dreams come true!! I know that sounds cheesy but it's true."